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Dota 2 is a multiplayer video game in which two teams (known as the Radiant and Dire) of five players must destroy an enemy structure called the Ancient while defending their own. Players will face "Towers" on their way to the enemy throne, as well as lane creeps. There are also neutral creeps in the jungle that players can farm for EXP and gold. The most powerful neutral creep is called Roshan, a unique boss that drops Aegis of the Immortal and other unique items.

Abaddon Unlike the other scions of his house, Abaddon drank deeper than any from the prophetic vapors that flowed from the Font of Avernus. Now a being of unnatural powers, Abaddon stifles his foes by spreading the Curse of Avernus, and releases deathly double-edged Mist Coils to damage adversaries and heal allies. The black mist swirls around his compatriots, forming an Aphotic Shield that absorbs attacks before bursting in a wide radius. But the Font's greatest gift is revealed only in the desperation of battle. Bestowed with Borrowed Time, Abaddon charges the enemy ranks, riding down foes with his cursed blade, his health returning with each welcoming blow. For all that was meant to kill did nothing but make the Lord of Avernus even more formidable.
Alchemist Having broken out of prison with his ogre accomplice, Razzil Darkbrew embarks on the search for new materials to use in his transmutations. Learned in alchemy, he created fields of corrosive, toxic Sludge Acids to accelerate his Greevil's Greed — extracting extra gold from creeps and Bounty Runes. With enough resources, it is rumored that Razzil has the secret formula to Synthesize a buff into the body that equals the legendary scepter. The Alchemist brews, atop the shoulders of his companion, an increasingly Unstable Concoction that is ideally thrown before it explodes. In a pinch, Razzil slips his partner with an Unknown Potion, inducing a Chemical Rage in the ogre's body. Symptoms include unnatural speeds, rapid health regeneration, and a pleasant purple hue.
Ancient Apparition
Ancient Apparition Projected from the cold, infinite void, the Ancient Apparition known as Kaldr is but a faint image of his true self. Nevertheless, his Chilling Touch is enough to reach the furthest of targets. Caught in an Ice Vortex, heroes quickly get Cold Feet and before they know it, find themselves frozen in place. A frigid sphere flies across the sky, expanding at its destination. Within seconds, an Ice Blast strikes the marked area. Flash frozen, enemies have no choice but to retreat before their brittle bodies shatter to pieces...
Anti-Mage Among the ascetic monks of Turstarkuri, only a young acolyte was fortunate enough to escape the fallen legion's assault on the monastery. Now, vowing to eliminate not only the magic of the Dead God, the Anti-Mage returns to eradicate magic altogether. With sheer focus, he Counters Spells thrown at him, returning them to their senders. No wizard's trick is enough to contain or elude the Anti-Mage, as he Blinks out of any trap, while at the same time being capable of sending a Fragments of himself to pursue targets in return. With each swing of his unorthodox blades, the Anti-Mage steps closer to his goal of erradicating all magic, Breaking apart Mana, setting up the depleted caster to perish in a crushing Mana Void.
Arc Warden
Arc Warden A splintered fragment of the same primordial power as the Ancients themselves, Zet endeavors to end the disharmony among the warring factions through whatever means necessary. Solitary foes are thrown into a volatile state of Flux, ripping away their health over time. Distorting space to generate a Protective Field sheltering around allies, evading and attacking with greater efficiency. Zet summons Spark Fragments of its former self that circles in place, and seek out nearby foes. Is there one Arc Warden, or two? Armed with the original's items and abilities, the Self's Tempest Double duplicates each spell and every attack, bringing twice the chaos to any fight.
Axe One by one the soldiers of the Red Mist fell, some in battle, others to Mogul Khan's ambitions, until the self-declared general found himself a commander without troops. "No matter", Axe thought, "For a one-man army is the best army of all." — Leaping into battle, Mogul Khan compels nearby foes to attack him with a taunting Berserker's Call. Absorbing blows from every direction, the indomitable Axe reacts by swinging his axe full circle in a Counter Helix, easily dispatching the swarm he had gathered. But alas, not all stay long enough to meet their end. The few limping away from Mogul Khan feel an inexplicable Battle Hunger, a hunger never sated before Axe slams his Culling Blade through a weakened enemy, sending them to an early grave. Axe, Axe is always charging onward.
Bane Formed from the ichor of Nyctasha, Atropos is the vaporous embodiment of pure fear. Sheer terror Enfeebles his enemies, diminishing their efficiency on the battlefield. The Bane Elemental puts heroes to sleep, sending them into a restless and contagious Nightmare as he feeds on their vital energies by Sapping their Brains. Some will never wake. Caught in the Fiend's Grip, Bane's victims can only swing at imagined phantoms as fear chokes the life from their bodies.
Batrider While most would find being kidnapped by a morde-bat to be a terrifying ordeal, one particular young man found the incident exhilarating. Seeking to relive the thrill of flight, he entered the Yama Raskav Jungle, and came out soaring high above the canopy as the Batrider. Atop his leathery mount, he drenches targets below in Sticky Napalm, increasing their flammability before setting the land ablaze by flying up in the sky glowing like a Firefly. To ignite enemies from afar, he hurls an explosive cocktail with an explosion strong enough to knock foes away. Want a ride? That can be arranged. As he spots his targets from above, and throws out his Flaming Lasso to string them along for a fiery experience they will not soon forget.
Beastmaster Raised in the royal menagerie of Slom, Karroch learned to converse with beasts from a young age. With this unique talent, the Beastmaster is able to summon to his side a trusty poison-spitting Boar and a scouting Hawk. In addition to his companions, Karroch has mastered the art of throwing Wild Axes, cutting down trees and foes before returning to his hands. The Beastmaster awakens the Inner Beast of nearby allies, increasing their attack speed. Should an enemy attempt to flee, Karroch lets loose a piercing Primal Roar, incapacitating the target and clearing the path to its demise.
Bloodseeker The Flayed Twins' obscene demand for blood could only be met through constant carnage, a task for which Strygwyr was more than suited. Driven by insatiable Thirst, the Bloodseeker senses blood of the mortally wounded from leagues away, and chases them down with eager speed. Through sacred markings on his gear, the blood of the freshly sacrificed flows directly to the Flayed Ones, leaving just enough to mend his wounds and fuel his imbued Rage. Strygwyr paints the land with a crimson ring, silencing foes caught in this Blood Ritual. Forcing difficult decisions on his enemies, for those who run only hasten their own demise. The Bloodseeker Ruptures every artery, causing his victim to hemorrhage with each step. To satisfy the demands of the Flayed Twins, Bloodseeker even goes as far to sacrifice some of his, spraying his own blood around him in a Bloody Mist. By blood loss or by Strygwyr's tribal blades, death is but a foregone conclusion.
Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter Fear is the mother of rumor, and tales of Gondar's origins are nothing but hearsay. For the right price, the Bounty Hunter will Track down any target to deliver their heads and collect their bounties. He Walks through Shadows into the best guarded keeps, crippling his target with a surprise attack, and steal some of their riches with a calculated strike. Even targets at a greater distance are not safe from the Bounty Hunter, as his trusty Shuriken seemingly has a mind on its own, seeking out and striking all targets the Bounty Hunter keeps track of. Because in the end, it's all about the gold.
Brewmaster For nine days Mangix fought the master of his order, both warriors swilling and striking in equal measure, until at last the elder collapsed into a drunken stupor. Having claimed the title of Brewmaster, Mangix now wanders the land as a Drunken Brawler, swinging and evading with unpredictable finesse. Under one arm he holds a great keg, and not merely for storing his Cinder Brew. Mangix drenches himself and enemies in alcohol, strengthening himself in an advanced state of inebriation based on his stance, while disorienting enemies before slamming the barrel down with a Thunder Clap. Rumor around taverns is that the Brewmaster is actually composed of Elemental Spirits, each with their own unique abilities, and should one catch him sufficiently intoxicated, one may just witness this Primal Split in action.
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